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SimCity BuildIt is an impressive and incredibly entertaining game. Create your beautiful city, hustling, and bustling with activity. The more the city brims with energy, the more needs your citizens will have. The more the people move in means you will receive more tax money. You can utilize that money for beautification of the city. To attain a happiness ratio above 90%, you have to provide your population with a lot of utility services. Keep the community happy, and you will end up with more coins regularly.

Build the necessary infrastructure

Build to the extent where you can provide the essential services like fire, water, and health. Do not be afraid to demolish buildings if you do not need them at all.

•    Build a big city with residential buildings. As more and more people move in the residential buildings, you will end up with more tax money which you can use for beautification purposes.

•    Customize your city to the extent possible by changing the location of the roads, streets, and buildings. Reorganize the city as much as possible, so you will have a smooth running city.

•    Keep your industrial area far away from the residential neighborhood. Construct long roads which lead to the outermost fringes of the city. Build the factories on the edges of the city. You can control pollution level to a significant level by constructing factories as far away from the residential part.

Keep the city’s population happy

simcity buildit advanced city

You may want to adopt these techniques to jump start the happiness index.

•    If you have enough cash for providing services, then choose the tallest buildings having a dense population. The tallest buildings will have a significant effect on the happiness ratio.

•    Residential areas need utility service stations like hospitals, police stations to keep the residents happy. These service stations should be near the residential neighborhood which will keep the population happy and this in return will generate tax revenue.

•    Solve everyday challenges like fire and pollution. Keep your citizens happy.

Where to invest SimCash

Get the best value for money by doing the following.

•    If you have adequate SimCash, invest them to add to your store queues. In this way, you can maintain an adequate supply of products.

•    Spend the extra money on building up wind-powered energy. Coal is cheaper than wind-powered energy, but the residents are happy with the use of wind-powered energy.

•    You should buddy up and visit their cities online on a daily basis. Spend the money and purchase the materials you require at cheaper rates.

•    Upgrade roads whenever possible. Up gradation is expensive for roads with traffic congestion.

•    You can generate Simcash by using simcity buildit hack tool.

SimCity BuildIt is a beautiful 3D game that lets you build a city. The objective is to go on expanding the city and keep the citizens of the city as happy as possible. In the process of expansion, you will need more services. You have to make payment by coins. Upgrade your zones to generate money.

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